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Stratton Homes

Stratton Homes presents a hillside modern home, a testament to the elegance of Scandinavian-inspired architecture. Set against the backdrop of lush woodland, its exterior seamlessly blends with nature, featuring dark shades of aluminum and wood composite panels. Designed to capture the essence of its scenic surroundings, the home boasts large windows for an unobstructed view of the landscape while maximizing natural lighting and ventilation. Inside, the minimalist theme prevails with light-colored wood and marble finishes, all complemented by sleek, modern furniture.

Check out the way they use their renderings here: strattonhomes.ca

what we did?

  • Created detailed digital renderings for pre-selling their homes.
  • Produced animation videos, giving potential buyers a sense of the ambiance and feel of the homes.
  • Developed dollhouse renderings, revealing every floor in detail.
  • Designed marketing floorplans, aiding salespeople and agents in their presentations.
  • Crafted beautiful hero images for their marketing materials.
  • Since Stratton Homes’ inception, we’ve been a pivotal part of their journey, growing alongside them as one of our legacy clients.
  • Successfully completed over 5 projects with them, each echoing our commitment to excellence and innovation.

our clients say


Stratton Homes are unique in their commitment to sustainability and net-zero living. Our challenge was to accurately showcase these eco-friendly aspects in our renderings.

The homes are set in diverse landscapes, often hilly and rocky. Achieving photorealism and making the scenery as compelling as the homes was a complex task.

While aiming for an artistic representation, it was essential to maintain a focus on the home’s key features, ensuring they appealed to the end buyer.


Exterior View

Interior View

Floor plans

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