Elizabeth Baptist Church: Urban Farm Case Study

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Elizabeth Baptist Church: Urban Farm

Elizabeth Baptist Church (EBC) is embarking on a remarkable initiative to support those with limited access to healthy food. The EBC Cares Urban Farm aims to provide natural and organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs to individuals and families facing food insecurity. This initiative not only supplies fresh produce but also creates a nurturing community space. Here, people can engage in gardening activities like planting and weeding, and partake in the harvest. The farm also serves as an educational resource for school-aged children, and a source of fresh, healthy food for the church’s senior members, the sick, the shut-in, and food-insecure families.

Learn more about this initiative at Elizabeth Baptist Church Urban Farm.

what we did?

Faced with an ambitious goal, our team delivered exceptional results in a remarkably short time frame:

  • In just 5 days, we created a one-minute animation to aid EBC’s fundraising efforts for the Urban Farm project.
  • Collaborating with their film crew, we assisted in editing the video and seamlessly integrating it with their voiceover narration.
  • Our efforts contributed to an astounding success: EBC raised $900,000 in a single day.
  • The animation we crafted was not just a visual treat but a true representation of the Urban Farm. It depicted the garden, seating and prayer areas, people in interaction, and diverse plant types, offering viewers an immersive experience of being in the space.

our clients say


In our journey to bring the Elizabeth Baptist Church’s vision to life through animation, we faced a set of unique challenges. Each of these hurdles tested our adaptability, creativity, and coordination skills, pushing us to not just meet but exceed expectations under pressing circumstances.

The animation needed to be ready for the church’s Giving Sunday service, leaving us with a very limited timeframe for production.

The project required seamless coordination between various teams, including production, the building committee, the pastor, and leadership teams.

The challenge was to encapsulate the vast and inspiring vision of the Urban Farm within the constraints of a one-minute video.


Faced with these challenges, we devised innovative solutions that leveraged our team’s strengths in strategic planning, effective communication, and creative execution. Each solution was carefully tailored to overcome the specific obstacles we encountered, ensuring the project’s success and the client’s satisfaction.

Exterior View

Interior View

Interior View

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