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The Oceano

In the heart of Puerto Rico, on the celebrated beaches of Palmas Del Mar, lies a resort project that sets a new benchmark in luxury hospitality: The Oceano. Positioned strategically beside notable establishments like The Beach Club and Maralago, this venture stands as a testament to sophisticated resort planning and execution.

The Oceano includes 3 private villas/townhouses, each with its own private pool, offering guests an exclusive retreat; 18 guest residences, each fitted with a single-car garage; and 18 dedicated golf cart garages, providing easy access to a nearby golf resort. At the heart of the establishment is a six-story hotel, featuring expansive luxury suites, complemented by a rooftop garden that provides an unparalleled view of the beach, and a lavish swimming pool equipped with a spa. Ensuring a holistic beach experience, the resort has curated amenities that range from a children’s playground and a beach volleyball court to a tranquil hammock relaxation zone and meticulously designed pocket gardens.

The design philosophy marries tropical-modern aesthetics with nuanced Spanish Colonial influences, ensuring it harmonizes with surrounding architecture while standing distinct in its luxury. The interiors amplify this luxury quotient, marked by meticulous moldings, premium finishes, elevated ceilings, and expansive windows that immerse visitors in the breathtaking surroundings.

The Oceano Project is not just a resort; it’s an experience crafted with precision. By the end of a weekend stay, guests don’t just feel relaxed—they feel like they’ve stepped into a world where rockstar luxury is the norm.

what we did

Our team closely worked with the client and their architect to ensure the accuracy of modeling the whole project is achieved. We rendered the project based on the client’s inspo images until reaching the desired output. The project deliverables were exterior renders – both aerial and street level views, interior renders, 3D floor plans, and a 2-minute video animation of the whole project. The programs we used for this project are 3Ds Max, Corona Render, SketchUp, and Lumion.

our clients say


In the process of bringing The Oceano project to life, our team navigated through a variety of technical and logistical challenges, ensuring the highest standards of precision and quality.

Syncing with a Puerto Rican architectural designer across different time zones and understanding their unique building styles.

We had to manage complex file integration and manage a mix of CAD and Revit files, requiring extensive conversion and accurate photo-matching for interior finishes.

Adapting to continuous changes in project design due to evolving city regulations and client preferences.


Our solutions were rooted in innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology, enabling us to effectively overcome the challenges and deliver a project that exceeded expectations.

Exterior View

Interior View

Floor plans

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