Staybridge Hotels Case Study

Staybridge Hotels

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Ames, Iowa, the Staybridge Suites project represents a fusion of comfort, style, and functionality. This development, set to become a cornerstone in the local hospitality landscape, aims to cater to both business and leisure travelers with its unique blend of amenities and services. The design of Staybridge Suites Ames emphasizes a homely yet elegant aesthetic, catering to guests seeking an extended stay with all the comforts of home.

Strategically located to offer easy access to local attractions and business hubs, Staybridge Suites Ames is more than just a place to stay; it’s a space where guests can live, work, and relax in comfort and style.

what we did?

For the Staybridge Suites Ames project, our team at rndr. leveraged our expertise in architectural visualization to bring this hotel development to life before its actual construction. We provided high-quality digital renderings that showcased the hotel’s design, both interior and exterior, in striking detail. Our work included creating realistic 3D models of the hotel rooms, common areas, and exterior façades.


The design of Staybridge Suites Ames incorporated intricate architectural features that required precise representation in our renderings.

Capturing the welcoming and comfortable ambiance of Staybridge Suites, a key aspect of their brand identity, in our visualizations was essential but challenging.

Ensuring our renderings accurately reflected the practical and efficient layout of the hotel spaces, catering to the needs of business and leisure travelers.


Exterior View

Interior View

Interior View

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